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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Report: Earthquake Rocks Thailand

Omg, Thailand got earthquake?

According to Google source

A 7.0 Earthquake has just hit near Thailand but reports are that no extreme damage has been caused.

An agency that monitors earthquakes has just reported that a 7.0 quake has hit Myanmar which borders Thailand. The quake was INLAND and the point of origin was deep below the Earth’s surface so the damage will be minimal. I just figured with the recent Japan Earthquake / Tsunami, when people here EARTHQUAKE they are immediately going to think the worst. Sources are saying that the quake was felt as far as Bangkok, where the buildings were actually swaying.

There has been no reports from Myanmar as far as the damage goes. Hopefully the damage from this Thailand earthquake is very minimal and nobody was injured. As more news develops we will be sure to fill you all in. Once again, a 7.0 earthquake has hit Myanmar, which borders Laos and Thailand.


An earth quake at thailand?

what happen with the world, Malaysia will be the next or not? i am worrying for it now.

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