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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Japan eagerly awaits pandas arriving from China


A pair of giant pandas are soon arrive at Japan, Tokyo's Ueno Zoo on 21 Feb 2011

the pandas are so cute, too bad, Malaysia weather and economy not afford to get a pair back. haha, nvm, we still can check on the Panda photo thru internet. lolx~~

Here was news from TheStarOnline;

TOKYO (AP): Japan is rolling out a red carpet ahead of the arrival of much-awaited special guests from China: a pair of giant pandas.

The two 5-year-old pandas are due to arrive at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo on Monday. They'll be the zoo's first since the 2008 death of its beloved giant panda Ling Ling.

The Ueno area was filled with panda themes Sunday. Streets were decorated with banners carrying panda cartoons, and shops were selling novelty goods.

Picture: Panda latte is offered at Ueno Green Saloon restaurant in Tokyo's Ueno district Friday. Shops, restaurants and people in the area near Tokyo's Ueno Zoo are getting ready to welcome two giant pandas arriving Monday, Feb. 21 to the zoo from China on a 10-year loan, the latest installment of panda diplomacy aimed at warming the two countries' often-strained relations. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

Share some Panda cute photos with you guys too;

Panda keep on eating day and night? haha

Oh~~ must be cold right.

wah! this one cute

En? what is this? one of the Panda type? haha

i not think so, i guess this one was the Famous Panda on Earth.

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