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Sunday, February 13, 2011

UPM Serdang Farm- Next EOS Shoot planning

OH yeah~~

i am planning
for a shooting
at a COW FARM!!

Venue confirm ==> Upm Serdang Cow Farm
Date and time ==> unknown ( will unlock at ur nx level) lolx

Lets check some sneak peak here

A typical nice signboard here, u k shoot until looks like New Zealand. haha

Omg~~ u r in new zealand farm

Mines lake view, from "mines2" roof top

ok, we are not going to shoot at roof top, we are shooting evening and night view at the lake side.



  1. Can't wait for this photo shooting day to come!!!

  2. advise...try to edit slightly with photoshop..u may not like it...but the effects would be superb...if not...try to capture in RAW format..therefore u can edit it slightly..coz the color can be improved..nice shots though =)

  3. How to edit the RAW file? with photoshop?

  4. Eric@ i not even install photoshop yet, i knw it is most important part in photography. i must install it ASAP~~~~ phew~~