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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reunion Dinner 2011


haha~~ today i eat twice Reunion Meal.

1st one, reunion lunch at my own house with my family
2nd, reunion dinner at Sin Hooi house with her family as well.

and, i am lou shang for the 6th times at Sin Hooi house. haha

lets check it the photos (sorry for no write much, coz i am rushing for CNY activity also)

Lets the photos talk for me

Black Pepper Chick + Meat soup

Vege (gd for health)

Fried Wantan ( Sin hooi favor)

wow~~ Herbal Chick

Lou Shang

The Meal

Ngek ngek~~ Huat ah!!


She is helping there

Sin hooi's mum

Ops~~ tam jiak scene

Rabbit pose at lunar year for fortune. hehe

wah~~ yummy

Nice shoot

Ai Yin


Love one

Sin hooi father

Sin mei with the wain

Not bad the wain.. thanks sin mei

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!