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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scenery of Putrajaya- Night time

Sorry, no description.

rushing to site work


  1. Exceptionally good especially for someone who is still new with photography...those photos can also used to make some amazing HDR photos

  2. Love Putrajaya buildings hehehehehe, next time we go for morning section =D

    Eric, join us next time, ok?

  3. Devella@ ur nx time banyak NExt ooo.

    Eric Lee@ apa itu HDR ya? haha ( sorry, i tak tau yet)
    this photos, i got seek comment from Pro-Fren, my composition macam very bad le, quite a waste, k be much more better de. haha, nvm lar, shoot for enjoyment and learn.

  4. HDR - High Dynamic Range photos...can go google..

    composition learn slowly also learning

  5. ok~~ lets learn together.

    got chance must shoot together.