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Friday, February 11, 2011

The night we celebrate Chinese New Year Eve 2011 年三十晚


Wonderful fortune night

For me, since i am childhood, this night is the night we are start celebrate our CNY

And, important is, we will praying for "fortune god" to come our house

the most enjoyable part is, we can enjoy the fireworks together with our family too

This year, there are little bit special and great for me, coz i have Sin Hooi celebrate CNY together with me

Nice one!! happy CNY!

Fire cracker (not mine one, hee hee)

Everyone come out, 全家出动!

Sin Hooi


Say Yes

Sin hooi and me

Me 2nd sister with husband

Mum and Ai teng



Ai teng with her bf

This year, lots lots photos to sharing, i will post it slowly, part by part.